A Chiropractor’s Pillow Of Choice

As a practicing chiropractor, a lot of my patients constantly ask me why their neck hurts every morning when they wake up. This is tough question to answer, mostly because there are just so many factors that may cause neck pain problems. Neck pain issues are very common in adults, but adolescents or even kids have them sometimes too. The ultimate cause of neck pain is actually the sleeping position of a person, or more specifically the type of sleeping position based on the type of pillow being used. Confused? No worries, I’m here to help clarify things.

memory foam pillowFirst of all, you have to consider what type of sleeping position you’re most comfortable with. A lot of people sleep on their sides instead of their backs. Is that a bad thing? Not really, but you will simply have to get the right pillow if you want to prevent any neck pain problems. This is also why when my patients ask me the type of neck pain pillow they should ideally be using, I always answer them with this: there is no such pillow that will magically cure your neck pain. It is finding the ideal pillow to suit your sleeping posture and position that will be the fix to it.